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Created by: AARON THATCHER on 11-01-2012 12:56:55 PM
Looking for some guidance.
I have a custom report definition that reports on Call_Type_Interval.  The intent is to provide a daily roll-up of interval data.  So the report definition basically sums various columns such as ServiceLevelCalls, CallsHandled, HandleTime, etc... and groups on a rounded date for each call type (using DATEADD(Day, DATEDIFF(Day, 0, CTHH.DateTime), 0)). I am also calculating some fields.  For example, I am getting AHT by doing HandleTime / CallsHandled and ServiceLevel by doing ServiceLevelCalls/ServiceLevelCallsOffered.
The query all works fine and when I run a report, I get daily summaries for the requested CallTypes instead of interval summaries.
However, if I add a summary row for the group, the footer for the calculated field does not display correctly.
For example, I defined a custom default footer and Group1 footer for AHT as ${HandleTime} / ${CallsHandled}.  When the report runs, the grouping summary is the total for the entire report, not just the individual group.
So it looks like this:
Call Type        Day                        AHT
CT1               1/5/2011                1:05
                    1/6/2011                 1:30
SubTotal                                     5:30
CT2               1/5/2011               11:32
                    1/6/2011                10:56
SubTotal                                     5:30
Where 5:30 would be the average across the entire report instead of the group.
Any help or guidance would be apprecaed.

Subject: RE: Custom Formula in Footer for Group
Replied by: John Ploncinsky on 11-01-2012 02:42:12 PM

Try the following formula for your custom footers:

SUM(${HandleTime}) / SUM(${CallsHandled})

I hope this helps,


Subject: RE: Custom Formula in Footer for Group
Replied by: AARON THATCHER on 11-01-2012 04:50:30 PM
That worked.  Thanks!