Persistent_Variable Data within CUIC Reports

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    Created by: Daniel Bloy on 30-12-2011 09:02:53 AM
    Hi All,
    I've recently upgraded to ICM/UCCE 8.0(3) from 7.1(5) and I'll be moving to
    8.5(2) within the next few months. 8.0(3).
    There is a report that I'm wanting created and looking into the detail it is
    not as easy as I assumed. I want to see a report within CUIC that shows:
    Variable Name | Variable Value (Integer)
    The problem I have is that the name comes from HDS and the Value from
    Central Controller. Will linking CUIC to cust01_sideA cause any concerns?
    Many Thanks
    P.S. I've raised a TAC to see if t.Persistent_Variable can be pushed into HDS
    as I know the regkey but a tech note suggested this causes problems with non
    unique records.
    P.P.S. It'll be really great if I could get CUIC to update the Variables..
    as the business call it "flick the switch' on the call centre :0)