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    Created by: Balasubramanian Sriram on 21-12-2011 05:13:08 AM
    I am using SocialMiner 8.5.4 with the latest patch. Couple of issues I face more frequently.
    1. Fetching of feeds stops without any reason. Reopening the browser (Chrome and Safari) helped a couple of times, but had to restart the SocialMiner server few times.
    2. When i tried to reply to a social contact (twitter stream), the screen was showing "Sending Reply" for more than 20 minutes. Feeds stopped coming in then. faced this issue twice.
    3. in case of any issues, tried to use the JRTMT tool bundled with the Social Miner setup, but it always pops and error that "A request to determine the product installed on this cluster has failed. By default RTMT will display all possible options...." i am not able to identify specific services and related error messages, making troubleshooting hard.
    Any help in fixing the RTMT related issue or finding out ways to look for specific logs with respect to SocialMiner will be of great help. 

    Subject: RE: Logs to troubleshoot
    Replied by: John Russell on 21-12-2011 09:31:20 AM
    The easiest way to do troubleshooting is two things:

    collect logs from the Admin gadget. Open the System Logs drawer at the bottom.  If you click on the Log directory link you can see a set of log directories, one for each internal component.  The only important ones here are runtime and ccpapi.  The logs are all dated with when they were created so you can collect the ones for the timeframe of the failures you've been seeing. 

    Also, in the same drawer in the admin gadget is another link called System Health Snapshot. This offers to download an XML file containing a detailed snapshot of the state of the current system.  This also helps a lot in determining what went wrong.  Please zip and post those here and we can take a look at what happened.