7925 and CiscoIPPhoneImageFile

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    Created by: Sergei Gorbunov on 09-12-2011 12:39:48 AM
    I am failed to send an CiscoIPPhoneImageFile xml message via JTAPI CiscoTerminal.sendData. I have tryed different variants of this message, but no one success. There is an example:


    <CiscoIPPhoneError Number="1"></CiscoIPPhoneError>
    Response on phone display:
    XML Parse error (4)
    Entry in phone trace log:
    2011-12-09 12:21:20:0620 CP-7925G user.err GUI: unknown XML tag 

    Subject: RE: 7925 and CiscoIPPhoneImageFile
    Replied by: David Staudt on 09-12-2011 11:39:05 AM
    There are no <Height> or <Width> elements for this object.

    <Title>Image Title goes here</Title>
    <Prompt>Prompt text goes here</Prompt>
    <LocationX>Horizontal position of graphic</LocationX>
    <LocationY>Vertical position of graphic</LocationY>
    <URL>Points to the PNG image</URL>

    Subject: RE: 7925 and CiscoIPPhoneImageFile
    Replied by: Sergei Gorbunov on 19-12-2011 12:30:42 AM
    Thanks, it's works fine now.