Custom UCCX Phone Agent App

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    Created by: Charisse Brogdon on 07-12-2011 11:16:47 AM
    I have a company that is interesed in having a custom app for Cisco UCCX create for their phone.  Currently the are using IP Phone Agent but are not happy the way that it works.  When a phone call comes into a queue they immediately want to see the call come in and have the queue listed on one screen with the callerID displaying of those who are in the queue.  Does anyone know of a company that would be able to program a custom IP Phone agent for a client?

    Subject: RE: Custom UCCX Phone Agent App
    Replied by: Vladimir Banker on 07-12-2011 12:02:38 PM
    My company can develop such application but only using computer, or using pushAPI and pass such data to Phone screen.
    If you interested drop me an email -