Call Recording Errors

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Created by: Timothy Redekop on 06-12-2011 12:48:47 PM
I am trying to record a file onto a mapped network drive, and get a "FileOpen" error when trying to record to the mapped drive.  If i move the path back to C:\, it will start recording the file.  We have made sure the permissions are correct and not sure what else to do. Can someone shed some light on the different errors and what they mean, and what a possible solution would be to this problem.  The hard drive it always getting full, so we are trying to offload the recordings to the mapped drive.

Subject: RE: Call Recording Errors
Replied by: Sudhanshu Tripathy on 07-12-2011 12:23:16 AM
Hi Timothy,

mapped drive is not supported in CUAE for recording. Instead, we recommend that you write a small program to copy the recordings from C:\ to the mapped drive every night/ every 2 hrs (as required) and put it on the windows Task scheduler.