Sticky Agent CCX 8

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    Created by: Lance Kadish on 05-12-2011 04:06:59 AM
    I am trying to setup a sticky agent function i.e If the same client calls the CC within a time period then they'll get the same agent if he's availible
    I have managed to do an external DB write and read but all the info i need is already on the servers informix DB
    How do perform a read on my local informix DB from within the script ?

    Subject: RE: Sticky Agent CCX 8
    Replied by: Steven Pawlak on 05-12-2011 10:31:51 AM

    You should be looking at using Session Mapping to handle this.

    However you are tracking the caller from call to call (ANI, CustID, etc) can easily be placed into Session once the caller has provided that info the first time. Then all calls check the session for this info when the call comes in, if there is none proceed as if first time. If it does exist, then send the caller to the agent.

    The standard session timing is 30 minutes, and is configurable in AppAdmin System Parameters. Careful on this as it does hold all info in system memory.

    The Vol1 doc on scripting has a section about sessions and mapping identifiers. Section 5-1.

    psuedo code:

    accept call
    get caller identification thing
    check session for earlier call based on Call ID thing
    If previous exist, then determine agent and attempt
    if No previous exist, then proceed as normal

    Hope this helps