"Not ready" reason codes, CTI vs Finesse

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    Created by: Andrea Ogliari on 22-01-2014 05:36:54 AM
    We have developed a Finesse non-gadget web application for our customer.
    We have also developed a custom agent desktop application using java CIL library, for the same customer.
    Our customer wants to use both applications. Some agents use the desktop application, others use the web app.
    When an agent doesn’t answer to an incoming phone call after a certain amount of rings, the platform sets the agent’s state to not ready with a custom reason code (5503).
    This is true for the desktop application but not for the web app.
    When the same thing happens and the agent is using the web app, a not ready state with reason code -1 is sent by the Finesse Notification Service.
    So the problem is the following:
    Using the java CIL library the app receives the right reason code.
    Using the finesse web APIs the app receives a -1 reason code.
    It seems that reason codes don't propagate from CTI to Finesse. Can you help us on this issue?
    Platform spec:
    UCCE version 8.5 update 3