Retrieving specific data points from CUIC

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    Created by: yogesh kumar on 17-01-2014 07:34:10 AM
    I have a web application in which I need to display CUIC reports. For that purpose I am using CUIC permalink. Now I don’t want to display the full report (or even the CUIC report) but few specific data points in my web application.

    For eg. A report has Agent in Ready state, Agents in Not Ready state, agents talking.
    Now I want to display only agents in Talking state in my UI rather than in the report.

    Can I retrieve such specific data points from the report/CUIC?

    Subject: RE: Retrieving specific data points from CUIC
    Replied by: Finnur Eiriksson on 17-01-2014 07:52:44 AM
    I would recomend a direct call to the db_cra database from your web application for this.