Update SIP Device overwrites SIP Profile Name

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    Created by: MARIO POIER on 10-01-2014 03:00:02 PM
    I recently ran into a situation where I need to perform a bulk update of Owner IDs on a large number of CUCM devices. In order to perform this operation I utilized the updatePhone AXL Method. 

    I provided values for the following properties of the UpdatePhoneReq object:
    • ItemElementName = name
    • Item = "deviceName"
    • ownerUserName
    • phoneTemplateName
    • securityProfileName
    • devicePoolName
    • callingSearchSpaceName
    The API executed without error and all sets appeared to include the new ownerID information.

    After some time I began noticing strange behaviour with some SIP sets. Features such as Speed Dials, Remote Call Control via Jabber, and iDivert no longer functioned. Unable to resolve the situation I contacted TAC and after some troubleshooting we realized that the SIP Profile was set to None. After some testing I determined that if I did not provide the SIPProfileName to the updatePhone AXL method it would overwrite the phone setting to None.

    According to the API Schema this value is NOT mandatory and therefore is not required and is obviously only necessary for a SIP device (or SIP trunk). I'm curious if anyone else has ran into this issue? I think that it should be considered a bug and some form of server side validation performed if a device with protocol type of SIP is updated, either the existing value is retained, or it becomes a required field.

    AXL Version:9.1(1) schema