Passing filter criteria in CUIC permalink Report

Document created by cdnadmin on Jan 25, 2014
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Created by: yogesh kumar on 17-01-2014 07:37:10 AM
I came across a limitation of the CUIC permalink. I want to create a report for Contact centre agent. Every agent who wants to get report from the web application will pass agent id to the CUIC permalink report. Now CUIC will return report for that agent.

Is this possible through CUIC permalink?

Subject: RE: Passing filter criteria in CUIC permalink Report
Replied by: Finnur Eiriksson on 17-01-2014 07:44:05 AM
Permalinks are permanent links to a specific report with specific filter options. You cannot change the filter of the report through this link. I believe you would need to create one copy of this report for each agent, set the filter correctly to display info for that agent, and use permalink for that report to get information for each agent.