onePK-sdk- DatapathTutorial problem

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Created by: Viktor S. Wold Eide on 19-12-2013 06:12:12 AM

I'm not sure whether you would like feedback on version onePK-sdk- or not. We assume this is not the latest version, as we have also seen references to on the forum.

Anyhow, we got some problem with the DatapathTutorial application, as can be seen below. It seems to be related to the dpss_mp. In contrast to earlier, the dpss_mp process *does not* listen to The setup process seems to have changed somewhat, so there might be some configuration issue on our side, but we just wanted to check whether this is a known problem or not.

cisco@onepk:~/onePK-sdk-$ ./bin/DatapathTutorial -a -i GigabitEthernet0/0 -R /home/cisco/ca.pem
Enter username: cisco
Enter password:

 Network Element CONNECT SUCCESS
[0] Interface [GigabitEthernet0/0]
[1] Interface [GigabitEthernet0/1]
[2] Interface [GigabitEthernet0/2]
[3] Interface [GigabitEthernet0/3]
[4] Interface [GigabitEthernet0/4]
[5] Interface [GigabitEthernet0/5]
[6] Interface [GigabitEthernet0/6]
[7] Interface [GigabitEthernet0/7]
[8] Interface [GigabitEthernet0/8]
[9] Interface [GigabitEthernet0/9]

 Name of interface expecting packets: GigabitEthernet0/0
Got datapath table_cap...
Adding ONEP DPSS Action Copy

Error in onep_policy_op_update: 6, internal system error: DPSS not initializedApplying policy on interface GigabitEthernet0/0
Finished applying policy on interface

Error in onep_policy_op_update: 6, internal system error
Error in onep_acl_delete_acl: 5, bad argument in onep api: policy_acl pointer is invalidcisco@onepk:~/onePK-sdk-$

Subject: RE: onePK-sdk- DatapathTutorial problem
Replied by: Joseph Clarke on 19-12-2013 10:36:50 AM
The latest SDK should be when it's all posted.  We had some last minute DPSS issues, so you also need to make sure you're using your 15.4T special image.  This will not work with the 15.3(3)M image.  For DPSS apps now, the dpss_mp needs to run as root, and your apps need to run as user cisco (on the all-in-one VM).  Make sure your dpss.conf is configure with user: onepk and group: cisco.

If you use DPSS on another Linux machine, make sure your dpss.conf user is a sandbox user and the group is the same group from which you will run applications.  For example, if your developer user is viktor, and viktor is in group onedev, make sure your dpss.conf group is onedev.