Unity Message Service Event never makes a callback

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    Created by: Jalal Radwan on 12-12-2013 04:33:01 PM
    Hi guys, 

    We are having an issue with Cisco Unity Connection Message Event Service not making a callback when new voicemail arrive for a user. We can successfully call the Message Event Service and obtain a valid subscription. However, we don't seem to get any callback from unity for any event. 

    An example of the way we subscribe is to call subcribe on the message event:

    service. subscribe("", null,  "1002",  callbackUrl, expiryDateTime, 10)

     That returns a valid subscription id. We use the RTM tool to get the logs from unity and the diag_CuNotifier_<>.uc log file shows no activity. 

    We are version Cisco Unity Connection version: 

    We have tried using Notification .NET SDK lib (http://www.ciscounitytools.com/CodeSamples/Connection/Notifications/NotificationSdk.html) and seems to have the same issue.

    Anyone having similar issues? or can me any ideas would be greatly appreciated.