Russian largest Social network ( support plans?

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    Created by: ELENA OKULOVA on 12-12-2013 01:05:16 AM
    Hi all,
    Please inform if there are any plans on support of russian social networks, especially (this is most popular). We don't use facebook a lot. We use this one...
    So the product (Social Miner) is quite useless without it.


    Subject: RE: Russian largest Social network ( support plans?
    Replied by: Emmanuel Badoo on 12-12-2013 09:44:26 AM
    Hi Elena,

    Thanks for your post. I agree that VK is the most popular and used more in Russia than FB. One of the things we are trying to assess is how to easily allow users to integrate with specific social media site that is not a feed out of the box in SocialMiner. The reason for this is that different geographic areas may have their own popular social site like you pointed out with Russia. The case is the same with China as well for example.

    We have on our roadmap to create some sort of feed SDK to assist with this. I don't have information as to when this will be completed or released. If i have to guess, it will be sometime late CY2015 possibly. One think that can be explored with a partner and customer is how they can maybe use our Push Feed to see if they can get VK content to SocialMiner.