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    Created by: Mike Griffin on 11-12-2013 04:31:37 PM
    Hello all,

    We are trying to obtain chat transcripts via the API and are having a bit of trouble.

    The documentation states:

    The URL to obtain chat transcripts is :  http://<server>:<serverport>/<webapp>/ccp/socialcontact/<objectId>/transcript

    This works fine if you know the objectID.  The problem is that we are trying to figure out how to obtain the objectID?  Looking through server tomcat logs, I was able to obtain a working objectID, but I need a way to correlate an objectID with a specific user by a unique field, such as an email address.

    We have tried connecting to the reporting database directly, looking at the mmca_data db.  I did not see any objectID's in there that worked.  We tried the username field ID, which looks close, but to no avail.

    We have tried the search api (http://ServerIP:8080/ccp-webapp/ccp/search/contact), but we just get 404 errors on this, not sure why this isn't working at all.

    Any suggestion on this would be greatly appreciated!


    Subject: RE: GET Chat Transcripts
    Replied by: Amy Nordberg on 11-12-2013 05:12:50 PM
    Hi Mike -
    The <objectId> in this case is the social contact ID of the chat contact.  The URL would be something like this:  http://<server>:<serverport>/ccp-webapp/ccp/socialcontact/E3CFAB081000014200003A390A568DD9/transcript, where E3CFAB081000014200003A390A568DD9 is the social contact ID... and looks something like this in the SocialContact xml:  <SocialContact> ...blahblahblah ... <id>E3CFAB081000014200003A390A568DD9</id> ... blahblahblah ... </SocialContact>

    If you need to look up the social contact id you can use the search API.  Unfortunately there was a bug in the API documentation that misstated the URL.  It is, in fact, http://<server>:<serverport>/ccp-webapp/ccp/search/contacts?q=<queryInfo>.  (Note the "s" at the end of contacts.)

    An email address will be searchable if it's in the body of the chat transcript.  If it's in an extension field it won't be found.

    We're about to augment our Search documentation.  Here's some additional detail:
    The “default” search (as opposed to a field-based search) searches in the following fields:
    Only 3 of those fields are searched case insensitively:  sc.title, sc.description and chat.transcript.  In order to find a match in the other fields, the search term must be provided as an exact (case sensitive) match.
    For example, if you are searching for John Smith you won’t get a result if the contact was authored by John Smith and you search”john smith”.  But if the contact was a chat, John Smith will be in the chat transcript and doing a default search on john smith would find the contact.

    I hope that helps!
    Amy Nordberg

    Subject: RE: GET Chat Transcripts
    Replied by: Mike Griffin on 11-12-2013 05:50:22 PM

    Thanks so much!  Adding the "s" did the trick!

    Call this bad boy resolved!