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    Created by: David Engblom on 10-12-2013 08:49:56 AM
    Is there a way to list the intercom directory numbers with the AXL?  When I do a listLine command, I only get lines with a usage of "Device".  Also, I thought that the lines would be listed with a usage of "Line" not "Device", am I mistaken?  I am using version 8.5.1 of the CUCM.


    Subject: RE: list intercom numbers
    Replied by: David Engblom on 17-12-2013 03:42:32 PM
    Has anyone successfully queried the call manager for a list of the intercom directory numbers?  I still do not get any intercoms listed when I use  the 'listLine' command with the axl soap call.  I am also not able to do a 'getLine' on an intercom number.  There must be some other command to do this?

    CUCM v. 8.5