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Created by: Qassim BADAT on 09-12-2013 10:06:52 PM
What bridge util is used between the vm's ?  is this linux bridge-util, openVswitch or something else ?  I need to link the VM's to external test set and add additional host interfaces to the vb_ex_eth1 bridge or create new do i do it ?...this is what i have:

cisco@onepk:~/.3node$ brctl show
bridge name     bridge id               STP enabled     interfaces
vb702c316214354         8000.a6e2cc98e6c8       no              vt13e7bfb584c17
vb_ex_eth1              8000.000c291aeca9       no              eth1
vb_vmc_lan_1            8000.82e6a19c72d8       no              vt932623512b900
vbaa1035afb78ef         8000.2e3aaaebd1e3       no              vt2e3c71d48e6ed
virbr0          8000.000000000000       yes

Subject: RE: bridge util
Replied by: Geevarghese Cheria on 10-12-2013 03:33:12 AM
Hi Qassim
 On your All-in-one-vm desktop, you can  find  EmulatorUserGuide.pdf which explains how to create custom topology that suits your requirement.   you can also find shortcut called “Start  3node”; that one starts up in background vmcloud and emulates network. you can find topology of 3node in the pdf file. The
terminals for all three gateways are displayed on the desktop and network
connectivity should work between them.
Thanks and Regards,

Subject: RE: bridge util
Replied by: Qassim BADAT on 10-12-2013 08:18:05 AM
maybe i was not clear in my earlier post...what i need is to connect NEW interface of the guest Ubuntu to E
XTERNAL testset equipment.  The AIO comes with two interfaces eth0 and is NAT'ed and the other is host-only.  I need to add additional interface eth2 that is bridge to my host(also Ubuntu) ethX.  So my question is within the AIO, how do i bridge this new eth2 to one of the 3node VM ?


Subject: RE: bridge util
Replied by: Joseph Clarke on 10-12-2013 11:39:55 AM
There is a file on the desktop called the EmulatorUserGuide.  This explains (in technical detail) how the vmcloud infrastructure works.  You can use this to create your own custom topology (complete with external assets) or extend the 3node XML file.  Can you look through this and see if it helps you connect your external network?  Alternatively, it's very easy to route external subnets into and out of the VM provided you're okay with NAT.