Does Modify Resource work?

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    Created by: Kenneth Sinfield on 29-11-2013 10:13:53 AM

    I have been testing and am able to modify a Resource Group or something similar. I can't however seem to modify a resource - change a lastname etc.


    here is the xml I'm using:

    But what I get back is that it is a badly formatted request:

    HTTP Status 400 - Bad Request            </div>            <p>                <b>                    type:               </b> Status report            </p>            <p>                <b>message:               </b> Bad Request            </p>            <p>                <b>description:               </b> The request sent by the client was syntactically incorrect (Bad Request).

    Anyone had any success with modifying a user - does it even work?


    Subject: RE: Does Modify Resource work?
    Replied by: Kenneth Sinfield on 29-11-2013 10:26:25 AM
    Hi all,

    please ignore this one - Just read a response to another post that says you have to include all attributes from the schema in an update. That fixed my error.

    Turns out I can't do what I wanted which was to rename a user - unmodifiable field. Bit painful really as we have to rename 400 odd agents in CUCM and it looks like we will have to create every single one in UCCX and reassign skills, teams, resource groups etc.