User Change event for the agents

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    Created by: Daniel Inbaraj on 20-11-2013 12:17:20 AM
    Lender / Joseph,

    I have subscribed to agent who has currently logged into finesse using the below snippet and also i could receive the user change event for the same.
    user = new finesse.restservices.User({
                    id: id,
                    onLoad: handleUserLoad,
                    onChange: handleUserChange

    Similarily, how could i subscribe to user change event of multiple/all agents. This is needed as we are developing a supervisor gadget which tracks the status of group of agents irrespective of team they belong. Note: I have done team based subscription and it gets work.

    Thanks in advance.

    Daniel Inbaraj.

    Subject: RE: User Change event for the agents
    Replied by: Joseph Horvath on 21-11-2013 05:18:14 PM
    As a Supervisor, you can subscribe to the Teams. This will get you User change notifications of each User in the Team. Note that you will not get Dialog notifications for all the Users, just the User object change notifications.