Firing up non-vios images within vmcloud

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Created by: Jacoby Thwaites on 18-11-2013 10:15:24 AM
I'm happily talking to vios NDEs in an emulated network using onePK.

But I need to have one or two other hosts on an emulated segment. Otherwise, I can't really prove anything is working across my amazing new onePK network!

Is there a known reliable approach to this? I need little more than the ability to fire up a Java VM in (say) 2 images, rather like Mininet (but I am trying to use onePK, not openflow).

Subject: RE: Firing up non-vios images within vmcloud
Replied by: Joseph Clarke on 21-11-2013 08:31:11 PM
The vmcloud infrastructure doesn't appear to include a way to do this.  What I've done for testing is use additional vIOS instances running either the built-in HTTP, telnet, SSH, and IPSLA services or I use custom services with embedded EEM Tcl scripts.