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Created by: MARKUS RAINER on 13-11-2013 04:03:56 AM
Is there any documentation or examples for using package "servicepolicy" in Java SDK?
I think most of the parts are well documented in Java API Reference. But not all parts.
Should work all parts of  "servicepolicy" in SDK 1.0?

Thx a lot

Subject: RE: Package servicepolicy
Replied by: Joseph Clarke on 13-11-2013 12:19:01 PM
Do you mean policyservice?  There are some examples in the API docs themselves (e.g., for ClassMap), but no tutorial for it.  The 1.0.1 API does have a tutorial for this SS, but not all capabilities are support on IOS yet.  The 1.0.1 API is being shipped for NX-OS.  The upcoming 1.1 API should support this service set for IOS, plus include the tutorial.

Subject: RE: Package servicepolicy
Replied by: MARKUS RAINER on 14-11-2013 08:12:02 AM
Thx a lot for your answer.
Policyservice of course you are right.
If it is supported I have some questions:
1) Which PolicyCapabilitiesTypes are supported? All that are available?
1PolicyQuery pq = new PolicyQuery("onepk", PolicyCapabilitiesType.ONEP_POLICY_ROUTING);
2) If using Type: ONEP_POLICY_QOS how can I match to a "Target".I can't find any Methode that involves Object "Target" in Package Policyservice.
In Package policy this is done by: "policy.applyToTarget(target);" But this I am missing in package policyservice.

3) I did a lot of tests with policyservices but none of this tests did any changes on my  IOS device.
Can you please provide me an example code that is doing Policy Routing or QoS using policyservice?

Thx a lot
Best regards

Subject: RE: Package servicepolicy
Replied by: Joseph Clarke on 14-11-2013 10:54:13 AM
I think it wold be helpful to show you the 1.0.1 tutorial (does not yet work on IOS) to give you an idea of how this new API works.