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Created by: Michael Cartwright on 11-11-2013 12:29:44 AM
We are using the convertSession for every recording. A low percentage are not completing correctly - how do we delete the mp4 files either manually or using the API?

Subject: RE: Delete MP4 files
Replied by: David Lender on 03-12-2013 08:57:50 AM
See 'Delete Media File' in****_BK_M5B01864_00_ms-user-guide-911.pdf

Subject: RE: Delete MP4 files
Replied by: Jeffrey Wolfeld on 03-12-2013 12:40:41 PM
Can you be more specific about the ones that are not completing correctly?  Do you mean the convertSession request comes back with a failure code?  Or convertSession succeeds but you are unable to download the resulting file?  Or you are able to download the resulting file but it is not a valid mp4 file?

What version of MediaSense are you using?

Generally speaking, with convertSession:
  • You cannot delete a converted mp4 file without deleting the entire recording
  • Once an mp4 file has been created it will not get created again; convertSession will simply return success without doing anything
We have taken steps to improve this in the MediaSense 10.0 release.  convertSession will actually be deprecated (but still supported for a while) in favor of a better mechanism.

Subject: RE: Delete MP4 files
Replied by: Jeffrey Wolfeld on 04-12-2013 01:24:08 AM

If you try to download that 40 minute recording again, now, using the disk icon in Search and Play, do you get the full 40 minute mp4?  I'm thinking that the conversion process may actually have only been partially completed at the time you tried to fetch the file with the disk icon.

Are you trying to do these exports while a full load is running on the MediaSense servers?  The  conversion runs at a lower priority than primary activities such as record and playback, so a conversion will take longer if the system is at full load.  I'd also be curious what the actual failure code you received was.  I'd like to know whether it was due to a timeout, or a throttling action.  If the node is already recording 200 calls, it will reject a conversion operation out of hand because it knows it doesn't have capacity - that would be a throttling action and would return a specific status code indicating so.

- Jeff W.

Subject: RE: Delete MP4 files
Replied by: Michael Cartwright on 03-12-2013 11:52:00 PM
We are using version 9.1. The initial (scripted) conversion is returning a failure message - unable to convert, try again later or similar.  I would then go into search and play and download the file manually by clicking the disk icon.

Just today a 40 minute recording resulted in a 12 minute mp4. I suspect this may have been caused by me pressing the disk icon a second time when the first click was still processing.

Thanks for confirming they cannot be deleted individually. Look forward to version 10.