Can I access the Document Repository via API?

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    Subject: RE: Can I access the Document Repository via API?
    Replied by: Gomathisankar Sivakumarasakthivel on 08-11-2013 05:09:09 AM
    Hi Jörg,

    We have developed new APIs to upload files like Script/Prompt/Document/Grammar which wil be available as part of our next release UCCX 10.0(1).

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    Created by: Joerg Wesely on 08-11-2013 03:10:32 AM

    I read the Developer Guide for UCCX and found nothing about accessing the document repository. Is there a way to do that now?
    I need a way to upload some XML files into the document repository used to control the call flow. I'm currently doing this using an application with a HTTP trigger polling the data and storing it, but I was hoping to overcome the need for this ugly solution with the new API.

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