Retrieving the ccmcipdictionary.asp

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    Created by: Travis Lessing on 07-11-2013 12:10:52 PM
    I am trying to set up the LDAP directory sample application (part of the Cisco IP Phone Services SDK v7.1(1) ), but the while editing the sample ASP file, I encounter the following:
    In order to work properly, the necessary CallManager dictionary file(s)
            //          must be present in the directory specified by 'fileName'. These
            //          ccmcipdictionary files can be found on CallManager in the following
            //          directory:
            //              c:\ciscowebs\ipphoneservices\ccmcip\locales\{LOCALE}\ccmcipdictionary.asp
            //          Where {LOCALE} is name of the specific user locale - for example,
            //          English_United_States.
    It says to download the ccmcipdictionary.asp and put it onto the IIS server, but I can’t figure out how to retrieve the file from the CUCM.  We have CUCM 9.0 running on the BE6000.