Question Regarding Finesse WebServices API

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    Created by: STEVE DICKEY on 04-11-2013 04:36:55 PM
    We are looking to introduce click-to-call functionality with Finesse.  Specifically, we want to develop an internal website that has phone numbers for which we want to enable click-to-call.
    The seems to imply that if you have a Finesse Server -- you can implement the sample code with a Finesse Server only.  Does this mean that a client is not required?  Sounds silly -- but a gadget implies that you have the client installed (signed in via web interface) -- but nongadget -- does that mean that you do not need to be signed in ? 

    Subject: RE: New Message from STEVE DICKEY in Finesse - General Questions: Question
    Replied by: David Lender on 04-11-2013 05:34:44 PM
    With the WebServices API you could  implement a combination of your web site with Finesse (this requires you proxy requests to the Finesse server).  And yes the agent would need to be signed in.
    The nongadget sample shows how to login an agent, change state, and make, answer, hold, retrieve and drop a call (Dialog).  It establishes a BOSH connection to the Finesse server upon login.

    So if you want your internal web site to have phone numbers enabling click-to-call, you will need to modify your web site to login to Finesse and manage the requests to makecall for the User.
    Only one instance of a login Is permitted per agent, so you are basically developing your own Finesse desktop and not using the Finesse gadget based desktop.