How exit Applications menu on 8961

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    Created by: Sascha Monteiro on 24-10-2013 11:01:38 PM

    I have an ipphone service that does some custom extension mobility stuff, but can't get the Applications Menu to dissapear :-(
    I tried Init:Services and App:Close, they just exit my success message, and another Init doesn't seem to help

    any pointers anyone?

    Subject: RE: How exit Applications menu on 8961
    Replied by: Miroslav Jasso on 25-10-2013 12:48:30 AM
    Hi Sascha,
       I am using Init:Services and it works fine in scenarious where application is executed from menu and even using ExecuteItem command. But it started to work with CUCM 9.0 and the firmware distributed with such CUCM. Do you have latest phone firmware installed? Can you share a code snippet and how you execute the application?

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    Subject: RE: How exit Applications menu on 8961
    Replied by: Sascha Monteiro on 25-10-2013 01:50:13 AM
    Hi Mirek,

    I upgraded the firmware to 9.3(4) on my 8961
    I process some stuff on the request URL, logout the current user, login another UDP, then forward to a jsp:
     1<%@ pagecontentType="text/xml" %>
     2<%@ pagelanguage="java"import="java.util.*" pageEncoding="ISO-8859-1"%>
     3<%String path = request.getContextPath();String basePath = request.getScheme()+"://"+request.getServerName()+":"+request.getServerPort()+path+"/";
     4response.setHeader( "Refresh", "3; URL=Init:Services");
     8<Text>Your login was successful, please wait</Text>
    So the user presses the App button, selects the Custom-EM-App, I see the success message, then I see the app being closed (by Init:Services), but screen stays on Applications, even after the phone (warm) restarts from the new UDP login.

    I tried heaps of things, like having ipphoneexecute with Init:Services and App:Close, or Key:Soft1 or Softkey:Exit

    Subject: RE: How exit Applications menu on 8961
    Replied by: Miroslav Jasso on 25-10-2013 02:08:33 AM
    I see. You open application right from the menu and want to close application and the menu as well? This is unfortunatelly not possible besause you cannot "leave" your application context.
    However there is a theoretical solusion: You can send command below to the phone when your app is closed. It should 'press' Exit button on the menu screen. But I've never test it.
    2    <ExecuteItem URL="Key:Soft1"/>
    If the Key:Soft1 will not work, you can try Key:NavBack.


    Subject: Re: New Message from Miroslav Jasso in IP Phone Services (IPPS) - IP Phone
    Replied by: Sascha Monteiro on 25-10-2013 02:25:22 AM
    I was afraid this was the case, but rather not have to rely on sending an
    execute to the phone afterwards as it then relies on authentication etc,
    it's quite a big cluster.
    This method works fine on 79xx phones, pretty annoying Cisco can't
    standardize behaviours across phones

    The 8961 does seem to exit from Applications after the std Extension
    Mobility, I traced it a bit but could only see the Init:Services (where I
    could see it get out of the EM app, back into Applications, but that
    dissapeared after a little while without an obvious signal from CUCM to
    so the phone must have some embedded intelligence so it gets out of Apps
    after EM