Cisco 2951 MG

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    Created by: Pushpa Mirchandani on 22-10-2013 12:01:39 PM
    I am trying to config the MG 2951  (rel 15.1 T1)with PRI and the interface 0/0 to SIP.  SIP routes to ACME then to BW.  My calls are not completing.  It hits BW then sends 404 back.

    I am trying to config the Trunk Group ID and I am having a hard time since can't seem to find the right CLI command  that can do that.  I am very new to Cisco. 

    Also, I beleive I need to config the PAI.  So that BW can accept the call and route it forward to the PSTN. 

    Any help that some can provide will be greatly appreciated.



    Subject: RE: Cisco 2951 MG
    Replied by: Geevarghese Cheria on 23-10-2013 12:36:59 AM
    Hi Pushpa,
       This forum is for quiries regarding srev modules only.
       For related information please refer
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