Setting "Language that callers hear" and message actions

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    Created by: Stephan Steiner on 16-10-2013 02:26:50 PM
    Given an existing mailbox, is there a way to change those two settings? I've looked at the schema of a user but can't seem to find anything. I found the message actions in the user template (UserTemplateMessageAction), but I have not spotted that additional language setting (don't really understand why there are two anyway.. the box language should control everything imho).


    Subject: RE: Setting "Language that callers hear" and message actions
    Replied by: Jeff Lindborg on 18-10-2013 10:13:19 AM
    So couple things here.
    1. The language code on the user object is what they hear when they call into the system to check messages.
    2. The default language callers hear when they dial that user’s extension is set on the primary call handler tied to the user.  Call handler is the external presentation for the user in this case.
    In a multiple language system clearly you wouldn’t want these hard coded to be the same – we have customers that record 3 or 4 greetings in different languages and wouldn’t want to force the language for inbound callers to the language they prefer when calling in to check messages.  The language for outside callers can be set to “inherit” for instance and the call will be “Tagged” with a language when it hits the user’s call handler and then will hear the correct language prompts and greeting.  Hard coding it to a single language only works in a world where everyone only speaks one language and such – for folks like me that are hopelessly unilinqual, that works but there’s a lot of folks in the world smarter than me as it turns out…