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    Created by: Stephan Steiner on 15-10-2013 02:44:06 AM
    I had to create a couple hundred unity connection boxes using the .NET API last week-end. and I ran into an issue setting the pin in perhaps 5% of all boxes. For those 5%, I get the following error back from the cuc server: <ErrorDetails><errors><code>IMS_ERROR</code><message>Database communication error</message><DetailCode>-1</DetailCode></errors></ErrorDetails>

    All users get the same default pin, pin policy is set to allow this - so I'm wondering.. have I just found a timing bug? I went ahead and re-introduced mailbox extraction after create (and setting the pin) to ensure the box is really created, but to no avail. Only adding a couple of seconds of delay in between box creation and setting the pin seems to do the trick (though I cannot be 100% sure since most of the boxes were created when I had the issue)

    Subject: RE: database communication error setting pin
    Replied by: Jeff Lindborg on 15-10-2013 10:23:17 AM
    sounds like a timing issue - there's a whole series of triggers that fire when a user is created (more than other object types given the external references on the mailstore, UM links, notification engine registration, name grammar flags for ASR etc... etc....) - I can easily see the HTTP response coming back while those are still filtering through - I'll setup some scripts to see if I can repro and open a bug for the API team if that's the case.

    Subject: RE: database communication error setting pin
    Replied by: Jeff Lindborg on 15-10-2013 08:42:46 PM
    hmmm... did a quick test today against Connection 9.1 - I created 500 users and directly after each create I updated the PIN for each user - all 500 went through fine without issue.  What version are you testing against and can you verify a simple loop of code to make sure I'm doing the same test?  I just create a simple for loop for 500 iterations that uses the UserBase add user method and returns a user full object which I then turn around and issue the resetPin method against and then press on to the next user.  Is there more going on?  I'll try a 10.0 build just in case you're working with EFT code or the like but right off hand nothing's jumping out at me on my test setup.

    Subject: RE: database communication error setting pin
    Replied by: Stephan Steiner on 16-10-2013 03:17:26 AM
     I'm working against is
    The code I'm using is this (by the way... do you know how I can type a newline without entering source mode? It drives me crazy)
    And I don't seem how to paste code in proper formatting either so I pasted it here . I hope I copied enough to make it understandable. Comment out the sleep code as I only added this later on and I cannot be 100% sure it is what caused the issue. As you may guess from my Operation having a rollback collection, those are executed if an operation fails (restoring initial state)... my app tries every top level operation 3 times, and the pin/password setting generally worked on the second attempt. You'll see that I implemented server hopping (customer has two servers), though all operations were run against the primary server of the cluster when I ran them. And there was no load on the system - it was a Saturday, and the productive voicemail system was another (we're moving over int he next couple of days).

    Subject: RE: database communication error setting pin
    Replied by: Jeff Lindborg on 18-10-2013 07:12:31 PM
    The formatting on this site can be a bit annoying for sure - I've tried hitting the "source" button and it seems to allow newline characters in that mode even if it looks a little funny.

    I've run several tests and simply cannot replicate what you're seeing - there's nothing terribly odd about your code I can see and I've tried creating 500 users with the method you're using (i.e. create it passing in name/value pairs via the property list but not creating a userFull object to pass back) and updating the PIN in the same exact way - I've also tried creating the user and getting the UserFull object back and updating the PIN off of that which amounts to the same thing but goes a little slower given the extra fetch necessary for creating the UserFull object.

    For reference the total time to create 500 users by method 1 (no UserFull object) was 440 seconds, by method 2 was 550 seconds - if that gives you any indication of the platforms I'm using.

    I tried against 9.1 and 10.0 builds with about the same results (no errors in either case) - so I can't point to anything wrong at a system level at any rate.