Creating new Fields in UCCX 9.0 CUIC

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    Created by: Sarah Barnes on 11-10-2013 06:07:03 AM
    I am trying to create a Contact Service Activity report for a customer and I have 2 problems.

     1st I have created a new field which I want to show the number of calls handled outsite of the Service Level.  

    The formula I have created is SUM(${calls_handled})-SUM(${handle_sl_met}) this works fine for the totals, however I am getting the overall totals on every Service line .
    Within Edit Properties i have just put in (${calls_handled})-(${handle_sl_met}) thinking that would sort the individual service lines, however it is still showing the overall total number!

     The 2nd problem I have is that I want to run the same report so that it show multiple day summaries for each service.  
        Date        Serv         Off     Hand    Abnd
    3rd Oct  Cust Serv    25         23       2
    3rd Oct  Acounts      15         12       3
    4th Oct  Cust Serv    32         29       3
    4th Oct  Acounts      27         26       1 
    When I run the report for start time 3/10/2013 to 4/10/2013  for entire range - grouping by start time - summarising daily.  it show as follow
     Date        Serv         Off     Hand    Abnd
    3rd Oct  Cust Serv    57         52       5
    3rd Oct  Acounts      42         38       4  
    Has anyone done this if so can you advise as it is now extremely urgent.  Thanks Sarah