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    Created by: Chikeobi Njaka on 08-10-2013 03:16:41 AM
    Having a probelm with Resource Icons. All of them except 2 are displaying just fine. The only two that are messing up are the onces with names that don't seem to follow the logic of other names. They are:
    1. AnimatedIcon.Ringin
    2. AnimatedIcon.StreamRxTx
    Notice that (1) is missing a "g". The example the dev notes (9.1) seems to indicate that the spelling is indeed "AnimatedIcon.Ringin". For (2), the other "Stream..." names say "Streaming" while this one says "Stream".

    Anyway, I tried both versions of each (AnimatedIcon.Ringin/AnimatedIcon.Ringing and AnimatedIcon.StreamRxTx/AnimatedIcon.StreamingRxTx). None worked. I get the default mission image icon. All the other icons (animated and static) all work.

    Any ideas?