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Created by: Brett Kugler on 01-10-2013 10:52:01 AM
Hello all,

With this general introduction I would like to start a healthy discussion on the emerging speciality field of software defined network engineering.  Here at GDT we have formed a cross disciplinary team of network engineers, data center experts and software developers to explore the emerging SDN space.  My speciality is software architecture and design, so my posts on these forums will show a certain lack of fidelity when it comes to networking.  I have significant resources to lean on and am learning a great deal, but there is a lot to learn!

I am interested in hearing from others who might have a more traditional software development background and the challenges you may have faced entering into the networking environment.  In the same vein, it would be interesting to hear from traditional network engineers who are transitioning into a more software oriented space.

I look forward to your comments.

Subject: RE: Introduction
Replied by: Jacoby Thwaites on 04-11-2013 10:57:36 AM
Not sure about generalities, but I got some specific things I'd like to talk about.

e.g. the VIRL format which I don't like much

Is this the right place?