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    Created by: Alfredo Ramos on 17-09-2013 03:44:38 PM

    A customer is planning to deploy SocialMiner in Serbia and they have the following questions.

    I would appreciate your help to answer these questions. 

    Q1. Is SocialMiner capable of handling contacts that come in written using the Serbian alphabet? For example, if we are using some words to search social media, can this words contain characters (letters) that are specific to Serbian language? 
    *SocialMiner supports multiple languages; however, the Serbian language is not in the language packs list… Not sure how is this going to affect its capabilities… Is it needed to recognize Serbian characters?

    Q2. They wood like to be able to identify social contacts where a specific product name is mentioned in a positive context (e.g., Nivea is a great product!) and in a negative context (e.g., Nivea is the worst product!). Then, they would like to have detailed reporting on how many times the name of the product was mentioned in a positive context and how many times it was mentioned in a negative context. Can this be accomplished with SocialMiner? 
    *Filters in SocialMiner can be trained to identify social contacts in a specific context. However, not sure what the capabilities are to report on the statistics for specific words in a specific context…

    Q3. Is there a way with SocialMiner to find users of social media who are most frequently providing good or most frequently providing bad feedback about some product or service? Taking this a little further. Is it possible to correlate a specific users/author to a positive or negative context? For example, can the system report on which facebook/twitter users are complaining the most about a product, and which facebook/twitter users are giving the most praise for that same product?I am assuming that this type of intelligence is not present in SocialMiner; however, maybe there is a hidden feature that I do not know about.

    Your comments are welcomed.

    Thank you,


    Subject: RE: SocialMiner general questions
    Replied by: Emmanuel Badoo on 18-09-2013 12:12:00 PM
    Hi Alfredo,

    A1. Yes, SocialMiner is capable of handling contacts that come in written using the Serbian alphabet. It can also handle sending responses in serbian. However, Serbian is not a supported language in the application, but it can support reading/capture/sending of different languages/characters.

    A2. As you mentioned filters can be utilized to analyze sentiment. The customer will have to write a script filter that integrates to a 3rd party that does sentiment analysis. The script can then tag a contact as positve or negative. In terms of statistics for specific words, you can use the search gadget in SocialMiner to search for tags that have either positve or negative. The Search UI will return a total count of contacts that have the tag or word. This is not the best way but it is a way. You can also try and organize the specific wiords associated with a post in a specific campaign and pull the campaign report from CUIC. One of the features we planned to put in the upcoming release was tag-based reporting through CUIC, but we could not get to this report therefore it has been pushed into the next release. The idea place for tag stats will be in the tag-based reports.

    A3. We have an author for every post that SocialMiner captures so we know which author correlates to a positve sentiment tag and who is not. Again you can use the search gadget to find these and start tracking them manually maybe in a spreadsheet, once you have some names you can modify your sentiment script filter to check the author of a positive or negative post and add another tag to the contact like "advocate" or "opponent" depending on the post.

    Hopefully this all makes some sense Send me an email separately with report feature requests. I will track these and build it into the tool depending on how much demand we are getting for these types of reports in the market place.



    Subject: RE: SocialMiner general questions
    Replied by: Alfredo Ramos on 18-09-2013 02:29:33 PM
    Thank you!