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Subject: RE: Process hosting question
Replied by: Joseph Clarke on 12-09-2013 10:51:41 AM
1. Process hosting is currently only available on the Nexus 3000 switches.  Traditional IOS does not and will not support process hosting.  Only endpoint hosting or blade hosting (when the ISR has an SRE-V or UCS-E module) are supported.

2. Yes.  CLI extensions are supported in all modes.  However, that extension API is currently broken in IOS.  The next release of IOS (a 15.4 release) will have those APIs fixed.

3. The DPSS is supported on the ISR today using endpoint hosting.  You need to run the dpss_mp on your Linux host, then configure your device with the correct datapath transport:

 datapath transport gre sender-id 1 interface Gi0/0

Use an interface that has an IP address and is closest to your app server.  Make sure you run your app and the dpss_mp process as root on the Linux host.
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Created by: itay dominits on 12-09-2013 10:45:06 AM
I got several questions about the hosting options  :
  1.  I am a bit confused about the hosting definition. Its written at several places that the " process hosting " means running my app from the device itself (the router) and not connecting to it , but when I look at the getting started guide its only talks about connectiong to the router from outside. So Iam a bit confused , how can I run the app on the router itself . 
  2. In case of process hosting, is there a plan for allowing the app to register custom CLI commands to dyniamcly interact with the app? 
  3. The DPSS in support only on SRE-V or UCS E . When its planned to release it for ISR platform?
thank you !

Subject: RE: Process hosting question
Replied by: itay dominits on 16-10-2013 11:46:57 AM
thank you for your answer , but its writen at StartingGuide of the 1.0 ver that :

he DataPath service set is currentlysupported on the following platforms:
•Cisco UCS E-Series Servers
•Cisco Service Ready Engine Virtualization (SRE-V)

I figured out from this source that its a bladehosting only


Subject: RE: Process hosting question
Replied by: Joseph Clarke on 16-10-2013 11:53:09 AM
You don't need blade hosting the DPSS.  The DPSS will work with endpoint hosting.  The recommendation is to use blade hosting for performance and packet handling reasons (e.g., tunneling large packets).