Migrating from AXP to SRE-V

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    Created by: Brett Tiller on 04-09-2013 12:35:51 PM
    Hi Brett.

    What can we do to migrate those routers that have SRE710 with the AXP container to SRE710 with SRE-V and a VM?

    Is there any way we can download the SRE-V container and deploy the VM? Is there any commercial migration offering from the BU?

    Thanks again!

    Subject: RE: Migrating from AXP to SRE-V
    Replied by: Brett Tiller on 04-09-2013 12:37:55 PM
    Hi Pablo,

    We don't have a direct migration path from AXP to SRE-V. However, using SRE-V is much easier than AXP. I've provided some details below of the difference, use and migration suggestions.

    is a different architecture than SRE-V in that AXP uses VServer to create virtual instances (VI) and includes a stripped down version of Cent OS as the default OS of each VI. As you may know you also need to package and port your application into this OS or follow the steps required to create your own User specified Linux environment.

    Conversely SRE-V embeds VMware's ESXI release so VMware handles the virtualization which is quite different than VServer. In ESXI you have a GUI Client in
    which you can create a VM, install your desired OS and then install your application. No porting is required because you can install the operating system on which you developed your products.

    In terms of migrating your data from AXP, assuming that you've provided shell access to your virtual instance on AXP, using 'curl' you could ftp your data files from the VI to your workstation. Then in your VM on ESXI you could copy these files with your application into the VM. Another option for copying files from your AXP virtual instance might be to use rsync which is described in the AXP Developer Guide in section 'Rsync'. You can download the AXP Developer Guide from
    http://developer.cisco.com/web/axp/documentation .


    Brett Tiller
    Developer Support Engineer

    Subject: RE: Migrating from AXP to SRE-V
    Replied by: Brett Tiller on 04-09-2013 12:39:22 PM
    Thanks Brett,

    We are familiar with the options of moving from the old AXP module to the new platforms. Our question is regarding the SRE-based AXP software container, not the original HW AXP module.

    Will they be able to repurpose their current SRE, that has the AXP software container that "emulates" the AXP module, and change it to an SRE-V

    We need to provide an answer to them with regards to this. If not, they will have half of their installed base with SRE modules running the AXP container, and the other half with SRE modules running in SRE-V mode. It's preferrable to consolidate in a single operation model.

    Thanks again!

    Subject: RE: Migrating from AXP to SRE-V
    Replied by: Brett Tiller on 04-09-2013 03:49:51 PM
    Hi Pablo,

    I checked with our engineering team, and there is not a way to repurpose a virtual instance running on the AXP platform whether it's running on the SM module or the original NME hardware to run on the SRE-V platform.  The customer would need to follow the steps I mentioned earlier.  I've provided more detail of them below.

    1.  Assuming the customer wants to save the existing application data from the AXP virtual instance he would need to copy out the files either via curl or rsync.
    2.  Install SRE-V onto the SRE module.  All of the pre-existing data will be wiped.
    3.  Log into ESXI via the ESXI client.  Create a VM, install the relevant OS.
    4.  Install the application and data files.