Getting Authentication Rules

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    Created by: Anton zi on 29-08-2013 08:40:41 AM
    Hello, i need help getting the Authentication Rules configured in the system (can be viewed in the web interface under System Settings),
    i failed to find anything in the CUPI documentation to return this information.

    Subject: RE: Getting Authentication Rules
    Replied by: Jeff Lindborg on 29-08-2013 09:34:48 AM
    you can fetch existing authentication rules like this:


    I believe you cannot edit/create/delete them till 10.0 but I don't have a 9.x system to validate that against at the moment... in 10.0 I know this works (I've tested it) and it looks like this to create a new rule:

    1POST [url=https://<connection-server>/vmrest/authenticationrules]https://<connection-server>/vmrest/authenticationrules[/url]
    Request Body : ?
    1{  "DisplayName": "Texoma 1"}