Colored text on Color IP Phones

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    Created by: Miroslav Jasso on 29-08-2013 05:44:40 AM
    Hi all,
       is there any option to display color (red, blue, yellow, ...) text on any Cisco IP Phone using XML Phone Services? For example using the "CiscoIPPhoneText" tag.

    <Title>Title text goes here</Title>
    <Prompt>The prompt text goes here</Prompt>
    <Text>Colored text here!!!</Text>

    Thanks for answers,

    Subject: RE: Colored text on Color IP Phones
    Replied by: David Staudt on 29-08-2013 08:25:48 AM
    Unfortunately color attributes for text are not supported.  About all you could do is render the desired colored text into an image and display via CiscoIPPhoneImageFile