searchCriteria and sorted return data

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    Created by: Doug Kartio on 21-08-2013 07:46:15 AM
    When making a listXXX call.  Is it possilbe to have the data come back in a particular order.

    Example:  If I was to make a normal sql call to return the locations of a particular cluster, I could make the call
    "select pkid, name from location order by name"

    using the new listXXXXX  AXL call, I do this:
    <axl:listLocation xmlns:axl="" sequence="1">

    How can I set the ORDER BY?


    Subject: RE: searchCriteria and sorted return data
    Replied by: David Staudt on 21-08-2013 08:54:25 AM
    listXXX requests do not provide a sort/order mechanism...this is for performance reasons.  For the same reasons, it is highly recommended that executeSqlQuery requests do not specify ordering, calculations or other extraneous data-manipulation by the UCM database engine - it is better to perform these operations on a separate, non-realtime-critical system after the raw data is retrieved from UCM.