Update Line Call Forwarding All with only Pattern?

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    Created by: Alessandro Marra on 19-08-2013 09:57:30 AM

    in the example on this URL: http://developer.cisco.com/downloads/axl/cookbook/updateLine.html

    I can find this information:
    Step 1: Update the line with required information.
    The <pattern> is the only required field that indicating the DN you are trying to set or clear a callForwardAll phone number from.
    •To update the phone number, enter the new number in the <destination>
    •To clear the phone number, just leave the <destination> elements empty
    That means that the only required field to set or remove a call forward is the DN Number.

    But if I try this php code it not works:

    $callForwardAll = array("destination"=>$destination);
    $response = $client->updateLine(array("pattern"=>$pattern,"callForwardAll"=>$callForwardAll));

    Why? Anyone has an Idea of my error? It’s an example error on the cookbook site? I have an CUCM 8.6

    If instead I try with the Route Partition Name, it works fine:

    $callForwardAll = array("destination"=>$destination);
    $response = $client->updateLine(array("pattern"=>$pattern,"routePartitionName"=>$routePartitionName,"callForwardAll"=>$callForwardAll));

    Thx & Regards


    Subject: RE: Update Line Call Forwarding All with only Pattern?
    Replied by: David Staudt on 19-08-2013 01:39:11 PM
    A line is properly uniquely identified by either its UUID (pkid) or its Pattern/DN+RoutePartition.  Note it is possible for multiple lines to have the same DN, but different RoutePartition, so it will be best practice to always specify the RoutePartition in such requests.
    I would suspect either your line has multiple appearances in different partitions, causing request to fail, or perhaps Pattern+RoutePartition is being enforced in your AXL version.  Likely the Cookbook example could use some enhancement to make this points clearer.

    Subject: RE: Update Line Call Forwarding All with only Pattern?
    Replied by: Alessandro Marra on 26-08-2013 04:34:03 AM
    Hi David
    Thx for you feedback, I will make it with the DN+RoutePartition.