question about getReceiveCumByte()

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Created by: itay dominits on 14-08-2013 09:30:16 AM
I noticed that using the InterfaceStatistics.getReceiveCumByte() method doesnt give me the stat thatI see using the "show interface " command. I thought that it should be identical to the "input byte"  field. 
Even if I do clear counters it doesnt effect it ...

I am still using the 0.7.0 ver. is this a known issue?

Subject: RE: question about getReceiveCumByte()
Replied by: Joseph Clarke on 22-08-2013 04:35:42 PM
This API should give you the same value as ifInOctets via SNMP.  This is not affected by clear counters.  Can you confirm what you see with SNMP?  If not, I can try and dig up my 0.7 VM.