NAT/PAT session monitoring

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Created by: Fan Yang on 16-08-2013 03:51:16 AM
Hi all,

It seems we have no ways to handle NAT/PAT session in 1.0 release. Or is there any other ways to monitor and modify NAT/PAT sessions.

Will it be implemeneted in future?

Thanks a lot!


Subject: RE: NAT/PAT session monitoring
Replied by: Joseph Clarke on 22-08-2013 04:17:55 PM
You're right, there is no API support for that yet.  NAT/PAT has been requested for the future, but I have not seen an ETA on it yet.  For now, one can either use the Vty Service Set to get at stats or use EEM in combination with application events to trigger changes within the onePK app.

Subject: RE: NAT/PAT session monitoring
Replied by: Fan Yang on 22-08-2013 06:51:32 PM
ok.  got it . thanks