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    Created by: Daniel Horan on 01-08-2013 01:50:55 PM
    I have updated this post with 9 specific questions.  Answers to any individual questions will be appreciated.

    My customer has forwarded the following request to me.

    The VoiceBrowser node in the IPIVR app communicates with an external server which hosts the voice authentication system  which is a Nuance product. The Secure Reset app developer has forwarded the following which are a list of points which they consider as settings (or requirements) which aren't set (correctly) in the IPIVR to remediate what seem to be as issue as of now. If you can take a look at the app and refer the points below, is there any way we can address these in UCCX 7.0 to take care of the same? 

     The interpreter does not appear to recognize the Length setting on the type attribute of the Field element.  For instance, when the following code is supplied:
                    <field name="CollectUserID" type="digits?length=6">
    The interpreter does not immediately exit the field once six digits has been provided.  THe user either needs to wait for the timeout to expire or needs to enter the "#" key to force the exit.
    1.  How to get to next step immediately when you enter the 6th digit.?

      The interpreter throws an error when text is supplied between <audio> and </audio> tags even if the prompt file exits in the proper location.
    2. Not using TTS, but when creating VXML document with text between Audio tags.  Is there a way to add descriptions of what the audio prompt says without invoking TTS?

      The interpreter throws an error when the "expr=" attribute is used with the <audio> tag.
    3. How to allow a dynamic expr attribute to identify audio tag.?

      The interpreter appears to have issues dealing with Javascript arrays (although this appears to vary as arrays work under some conditions).
    4. Is there a version requirement for JavaScript with this VXML interpreter?

      There appears to be an issue with the bargein attribute of the prompt tag when there are multiple prompts with a single field tag.  The bargein  needs to be set to the same value for all prompts with said field.
    5. Can you have individual Bargein attributes for each prompt in a field?

      The Boolean type on fields does not appear to work correctly.
    6. How to use Boolean type for 1-2 yes or no?

      The timeout attribute of the prompt tag does not appear to be working.
    7. No change in wait time no matter what is set.   How does one make this change?

      Question: how is the log tag handled in the interpreter.  Specifically, where are log statements piped?
    8. Where are log statements piped?
    9. Only supports VXML 2.0. Is support for VXML 2.1 on the roadmap?