Resource: make supervisor without assigning team

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    Created by: Stephan Steiner on 30-07-2013 03:09:42 AM
    Is it possible using the /Resource commands to make a CCX ressource a supervisor without assigning it to one or multiple teams? Using the configuration webpage that seems to be possible, but the primarySupervisorOf or secondarySupervisorOf data structures are not documented in the devguide and the example given contains teams within primarySupervisorOf/secondarySupervisorOf seem to contains a supervisorOfTeamName element.
    The provisioning scenario I'm looking at calls for enabling a user on CCX, and setting them a supervisor if required, but team assignments themselves will be done manually.


    Subject: RE: Resource: make supervisor without assigning team
    Replied by: Praveen Sinha on 30-07-2013 04:49:27 AM
    Hi Stephan,
    The resource role reassignment is not possible through the current set of APIs. This is a backlog item and will be part of our future releases.

    Resource has some readonly fields(userId, firstName, lastName, primarySupervisorOf, secondarySupervisroOf, type and extension) and if you try to modify them you will get a 400 response with proper reasoning.

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