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    Created by: Florian Tiefenbrunner on 24-07-2013 08:16:00 AM

    i try to get the users  which can be imported with the following request url:

    I allways get a message that there are no ImportUsers available:
    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"
    standalone="yes" ?> <ImportUserstotal="0" />

    When i go into the CUC web administration an go to Import Users i have to select a connection:
    Find End Users In... i can select the CCM which i configured as Phone System with an AXL Connection. When i select the CCM the system finds all users in CCM.

    is the CUPI request incomplete? why does it return no users like the webui? maybe i need to add a request parameter to specify the CCM???

    When I try to import a user i get a "NO CONTENT" result vom the json call.

    Has anybody an idea?

    Subject: RE: CUPI User Import
    Replied by: Florian Tiefenbrunner on 26-07-2013 08:43:42 AM

    i found out that the query:

    works with CUC 9.x but not with 8.x.

    Now I want to import some users with the following queries (the body of the message contains the json paramters for pkid and dtmfaccessid and the alias):
    1) https://ccmip/vmrest/import/users/ldap?templateAlias=voicemailusertemplate -> works fine
    2) https://ccmip/vmrest/import/users/cucmbe?templateAlias=voicemailusertemplate -> i allways get an error "no importable user found with the specified objectid".

    i get the objectid (pkid) from the enduser table in ccm database. which pkid is the right one?

    Thanks for help.