choosing line on 7925 with ipps

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    Created by: Kevin Dettki on 24-07-2013 05:18:23 AM
    Hey guys,

    I´m developing a simple directory IPPS whre the user can select an entry an the phone dials a number via IPPhoneExecute ("Dial:1234...").
    Now I want that this call is initiated via the 2nd line on the Phone. On phones with line buttons I simply send "Key:Line2" before dialing, but on 7925G this URI is not supported.

    Is there any other way (without JTAPI) to let the phone choose the 2nd line for dialing the number?

    thanks in advance!


    Subject: RE: choosing line on 7925 with ipps
    Replied by: David Staudt on 24-07-2013 10:17:34 AM
    Unfortunately TAPI/JTAPI are going to be your only option here.  Implementing via CTI will make for a more robust solution in the long run, as effecting functionality via 'blind' keypresses can sometimes result in race conditions and unexpected behaviour.

    Subject: RE: choosing line on 7925 with ipps
    Replied by: Kevin Dettki on 25-07-2013 12:42:42 PM
    Thanks for Your answer David.
    I anticipated that this would be the answer. Just wanted to be sure, because my customer wants to keep his investment as small as possible, but that topic is a different matter ;-)