Get Full Route Pattern Info

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    Created by: Chris Halverson on 26-07-2013 06:56:57 AM
    I'm basically trying to replicate the Call Routing -> Route Hunt -> Route Pattern then the info from clicking on a "Pattern". I'd like to be able to get this via SQL or AXL (I'll be using Java). In particular, I'll be searching for ones that have "911" in them.

    I am having problems getting the associated Gateway/Route List (whic I think is a "Device"). I also need the "Calling Party Transformation" info.

    The basic query I'm using is:

    select, np.callingpartytransformationmask, np.dnorpattern from numplan np join routepartition rp on np.fkroutepartition = rp.pkid where np.tkpatternusage = 5 and np.description like '%911%' order by

    If I need to do multiple queries/AXL calls, no problem, I just feel I'm missing something fairly simple. Any pointers would be appreciated. Thanks!!