High Availability in UCCX CTI

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    Created by: Saurav Naruka on 23-07-2013 12:16:28 AM
    Hello Everyone,
    I am developing softphone based on UCCX CTI protocol.
    I want to know how my client desktop application support/ achieve high availability.
    Before we make openreq, we connect with uccx server. For which i pass IP and port (How to determine the correct port?) of the UCCX server. So in case of failover is UCCX automatically switching to other side or do we (client application) need to do something to achieve this?


    Subject: RE: New Message from Saurav Naruka in Contact Center Express CTI (UCCXCTI)
    Replied by: David Lender on 23-07-2013 09:14:48 AM
    When your client loses the connection to the UCCX server, it should attempt to reconnect to the other side (or the next UCCX in the cluster).  See the section How a Client/Server connection is Managed and The Unified CCX CTI server in a high availability Unified CCX System in the UCCX CTI Protocol Developer Guide.