Get Device Profiles in SQL

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    Created by: Jan Seynaeve on 16-07-2013 03:22:23 AM
    Hello all,

    probably an easy one, but i just can't figure out how to get only the device profiles out of the device table. Am i missing a field here or is it realy not that trivial?
    (I'm looking for something like select * from device where ???)

    Thx already,

    Subject: RE: Get Device Profiles in SQL
    Replied by: David Staudt on 16-07-2013 04:26:30 PM
    Perhaps the device.tkdeviceprofile field is what you are looking for?

     1admin:run sql select * from typedeviceprofile
     2enum moniker                              name                   
     3==== ==================================== =======================
     42    DEVICE_PROFILE_AUTOGENERATED_PROFILE Autogenerated Profile   
     51    DEVICE_PROFILE_USER_PROFILE          User Profile            
     60    DEVICE_PROFILE_REAL_DEVICE           Real Device            
     73    DEVICE_PROFILE_MODEL                 Model Profile          
     84    DEVICE_PROFILE_USER_TEMPLATE         User Template Profile   
     95    DEVICE_PROFILE_SYSTEM_TEMPLATE       System Template Profile