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    Created by: Paul Lepper on 15-07-2013 08:45:03 PM
    I'm needing some assistance in designing a script and having the ability to opt out after a prompt.  This is also a menu button IVR configuration. What I'm looking at is on the first level, the user depresses the menu option 1, which in turns take them to the corresponding sublevel level.  But on the sublevel level, there is a prompt that is played and the call is redirected to the appropriate DN.  What can I do that if the user hears the prompt and realizes they are in the wrong area, they can depress zero to take them back to the main menu before the call is redirected?  If this was another menu tree, then I can configure the zero, but it's not.  Any ideas?  I'm new with configuring scripts, so any help would be appreciated.  Thanks

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    Replied by: David Lender on 16-07-2013 09:42:43 AM
    This forum is for UCCX CTI only. For scripting, suggest you post your question in the UCCX Scripting forums here