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Created by: Asif Khan on 05-07-2013 03:17:57 PM
Hi all! Im developing a script in Callstudio 8.5.There is a Sub-Menu in the flow where the user has to enter TPIN. User gets 3
tries, if unsuccessful, it goes back to Main menu.NOW I have used a count element (Initial=0, step=1) to do this. The the
problem is, when the retries are over, the Count Value does not reset to 0. it
stays 3. If user comes back to this menu, user gets only 1 try, as the Count
element value does not reset and starts from its last value (ie from3, then goes
to 4, then increases for each attempt in this menu).I need to set the value of this count element to 0 when ever this subMenu is
accessed. I dont want to write a class or code for this.Is there a simpler way to do this, to set this count element data back to 0?
 your help required.. regards, ,Asif.